October 2016

Building a Business in Fashion and Textiles

There are just three essentials in life: food, shelter and looking great! The world of fashion, costume, textiles, dressmaking, accessories and design is a world rich in opportunity for anyone with creative skills and interests.

Building a Business in Fashion and Textiles

This full day event of networking, discovery and fun is for anyone who’d like to grab the opportunity to build a future from their interest in fashion by the lapels! So if you’re a designer, maker, textile artist or student working in these areas, or you’re simply attracted by the idea of starting or growing a business then join us.

We’ll introduce you to people with stories to tell about how they built fashion and textiles businesses from their ideas and about the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

This event is brought to you by a host of organisations with many years’ experience of supporting creative businesses. There will be workshops on:   

  • Trend forecasting - Clare and Emily of Trend Bible
  • Protecting creativity – Aude Charillon of the Newcastle Library IP and Business Centre
  • Using mood boards to create a brand identity - Astrid Blake of Alice & Astrid
  • Access To Finance - Ready to start up or scale up? – Damian Baetens of Transmit Enterprise
  • Finding opportunities in fashion and textiles - Jane Shaw of Weave
  • Building an online presence and the value of branding – Polly Westergaard of Design Network North
  • Have you got what it takes to start a business – Janine Marshall of RTC North and Jane Shaw of Weave

Weave is a social enterprise that brings designers and makers together in its maker-Space. The team will be on hand to help you plan how to get your samples made up and designs into production.

On top of all this, find out how to get involved with the newly launched Fashion and Textiles Network and other sources of support.

To reserve a place click Fashion Business

When: 20 October 2016 / 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Where:Newcastle City Library

Building your Business through Networking

No business is an island. In every facet of starting up you’ll be dealing with other people’s expectations so you'll need strategies to network them into your plans. We’ll consider the roles played in the life of a business start-up by everyone with an interest, from family to financiers and customers to competitors. Business success is ultimately a reflection of how well you manage these relationships.

You’ll discover how to build extensive networks and examine the strategies entrepreneurs use to get people who really matter on board. We’ll look at; the tasks you need to complete to launch and grow your business who might help you achieve these tasks what exchange will take place between you and those you might need to work with how to gather information from business networks to inform your understanding of new opportunities and threats how collaboration can help you innovate and help secure your place in the market strategies to help you widen your network.

To reserve a place click Networking

When: 19 October 2016 / 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Where:Durham Dales Centre, Castle Gardens, Stanhope, DL13 2FJ

Building an Online Presence and the Value of Branding

We've joined forces with Polly Westergaard from Design Network North to bring you this workshop.

Design Network North is a membership organisation helping to promote the wealth of creative talent in the region.

Polly will draw on members' experience to demonstrate how good design can transform your company and increase your turnover, exploring the importance of branding and how to effectively apply a brand identity to your business, and in particular your online presence. Polly will aim to help you identify your brand message and discover how to implement this in order to help your business grow.

To reserve a place click Building an Online Presence

When: 19 October 2016 / 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Where:The Durham Dales Centre, Stanhope

Build a Business from Heritage Skills

We’re told that the day is close when machines will make us all redundant so it’s a little ironic (but very gratifying) to discover that people with some of our oldest heritage skills are in ever-increasing demand.   

Heritage skills covers a lot of ground - we’ve attached a short list below but just scratched the surface: the possibilities are almost limitless.

This workshop is about how to find opportunities to create or grow a business using your heritage talents or interests. We’ll…

  • meet and draw inspiration from people who have built successful heritage-based businesses
  • explore your own potential to be enterprising
  • show you how to find and test ideas, and spot opportunities
  • steer you to the right people in our network of buyers, funders, mentors and trade specialists who all welcome people with fresh ideas
  • introduce you to the Dales Centre and its team which is keen to meet people who can make good use of its facilities and location to build heritage businesses

The UK cultural heritage sector is a world leader. If it’s going to stay that way it will need the skills and creativity of legions of people with craft skills. Whether you’re already up and running or simply intrigued by the idea of turning heritage into income, join us to find out how to carve your own niche in this burgeoning sector.

Some heritage skills with income generating potential: Basket making, Blacksmithing, Book-binding, Bread making, Candle making, Ceilidh dancing, Corn Dolly making, Dry Stone Walling, Falconry, Felting, Harness making, Hooky and proggy matting, Knitting and crochet, Lace making, Lime Harling Plastering & Pointing, Lino cutting and printing, Northumbrian piping, Patchwork, Pole Lathe Turning, Pottery, Quilting, Sash and Box Windows construction, Stone carving, Traditional Roofing, Weaving...

To reserve your place please click Heritage Business workshop

When: 11 October 2016 / 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Where:Dales Centre, Stanhope, DL13 2FJ

Self-Assessment – It Doesn't Have to be Taxing!

The nights are drawing in and that can mean only one thing: the taxman is lurking and waiting for your self assessment form!

Self-assessment can seem a little daunting, especially for the many of you dealing with it for the first time. For the most part it’s straightforward but that’s not necessarily a comfort and there are always quirks that don’t seem to quite fit the form, and working out what you can and can't claim for can seem confusing

To make completing your return as simple as possible, we’ve arranged for Jill Hindmarsh from Allen Sykes Accountancy - a very friendly accountant who speaks plain English, to take you through the return and answer any questions you might have.

Although there’s still plenty of time to complete your return before the end of the year, why not get it painlessly out of the way now rather than chase your tail as the deadline and late filing penalties approach?

To reserve a place click Self-Assessment  

When: 04 October 2016 / 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Where:Durham Dales Centre, Castle Gardens, Stanhope, DL13 2FJ

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