September 2016

Selling Overseas Online

From Stanley to Sydney and Seaham to Seattle. From Teesdale to Tokyo and Pity Me to Paris - there’s a global audience for your goods and services that is now only a click away. 

International trade is no longer conducted exclusively from the corporate boardroom but is something businesses of all sizes can undertake with a little support.

There’s an enormous demand for quality British creative goods and we know that some amongst you are already 'accidental exporters' who may want to look at capitalising on markets where there are clear opportunities. Selling online is a very effective way to reach new markets whilst maximising your productive time from the comfort (?!) of your workspace.

On completion of this interactive workshop you will have a clear understanding of how to:

  • Assess your export potential
  • Identify markets
  • Create a market presence, including designing and implementing an online marketing plan
  • Operationalise your online trading strategy
  • Set up deals and fulfil orders
  • Manage Payments
  • Comply with distance selling regulations
  • Access additional resources to support trading overseas

The session is designed to allow you to take a step back to plan where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

To reserve a place click Selling Overseas Online 

When: 21 September 2016 / 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Where:Durham Dales Centre, Castle Gardens, Stanhope, DL13 2FJ

Food, Drink and Enterprise

Does the idea of producing and selling food or drink seem like an exciting opportunity to you? Or maybe you’re a creative maker or designer, or supplier of anything from food to furnishings, or packaging to performers, that can bring new ideas to making food and drink businesses successful.

There are almost limitless niches to exploit within the sector and lots of scope for small scale experiments than can lead to anything from a regular income to huge rewards.

The Dales Centre might be the perfect place for you to think about a food or drink business, whether you’re just starting out or established but looking to grow or add that bit of extra pizzazz that will boost sales. The centre has a kitchen and a café and a staff team excited by the idea of using these resources in imaginative new ways – themed restaurant nights or pop up events are just the start. It also has a shop which is looking for new lines and might give you an opportunity to trial trade with real customers.

At this FREE full day event we’ll cover the business basics and connect you with any additional expertise you may need. We’ll also provide information about opportunities Visit County Durham is making available through its Taste Durham Partnership Scheme and sharing data showing how much people spend on food and drink experiences in the county.

There are loads of people who’ve succeeded with food and drink products developed from the kernel of an idea and we’ll tell you about some inspirational examples. What do these people all have in common? The single most obvious thing is a willingness to just get stuck in: like most of them, you don’t need any business experience to get started.

To reserve a place click Food, Drink and Enterprise

When: 12 September 2016 / 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Where:Durham Dales Centre, Castle Gardens, Stanhope, DL13 2FJ

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